Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"I'm not having Edamame for my snack, Mommy. This is Edadaddy. I'm eating Edadaddy and it's salty, salty, salty!"-Josie. Gotta love the little girl!
As I was putting her to bed tonight she started talking about her scrape on her knee. "Jesus is not healing my body, Mommy. He's just healing my leg." I asked her if she wanted to pray about God healing her knee. "Yeah, I want to pray about that." I told her she could say 'God, please heal my owie and make it all better.' So Josie said "God, Thank you for my owie and thank you for my bandaides." Out of the mouth of babes...

Here's Ruthie's day:

First this. Sweet sister time.

And then this.

And finally, "Mommy, Wuffie's awake!"

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akamilby said...

What cuties your girls are! I love the last picture of Ruthie smiling, and the picture of her and Anna is sooo sweet. The edadaddy story is especially funny because my kids love edamame, and since I read them this story I'm pretty sure it's going to go by a different name. Thanks for sharing with us!