Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Days

The girls spend almost all day everyday outside now that the weather has warmed up and it's not raining so much here. Josie has been riding her 'special brand new bike from Papa' every day (that's what she calls it every time she mentions it) and is getting stronger as she goes. Her latest thing has been to attach the bike cart to her bike so she can ride Tigger around. It's pretty heavy for her to pull and she gets stuck sometimes but she loves it. In this picture she's actually pulling her friend Nam, but she needed help on the uphill because she's not really strong enough to pull another kid. She's so proud, though, and so am I. That's my girl:

Yesterday while her sisters slept Anna got out her bird puzzle from Nona and Grandpa and we had fun putting it together. She needed some hints as we went but I was impressed how much of it she could do herself now:

"Yay! I did it! It's all finished, Mommy!"

And yes, we do have a new dining room table! I love it. We can all sit around a table to eat now! I have the girl's chairs against the wall and we keep the table pushed up against the wall when we're not using it to conserve space. It feels like we doubled our countertop and work space overnight.
Don't ask me why, but the girls really wanted to wear life jackets in the sprinkler yesterday. They laughed the whole time, and so did I:

Anna is wearing Mitch's grandfather's hat in these pictures. I love that it fits her and she likes it. Here the two girls are at a full sprint going through together giggling the whole time:

They were both soaking wet by the end, truly really, really wet :). This is not the normal Family Housing sprinklers when they water the grass around here that jet the water out hard to reach all the way across the lawns, this is just our own personal hose and sprinkler that I have turned on low. I think it's gentle enough that even Josie likes it. What would you say?


akamilby said...

Wow you get great pictures of your girls! That's very impressive that Anna could do the puzzle herself, and I love the new table! It looks like it fits perfectly. Lifejackets in the sprinklers? Looks exactly like something my kids would come up with:) Too cute!

akamilby said...

Caroline says: Thank you for the pictures. I like the Josie Joy one. And Anna and the puzzle. I like Josie on her bike. Thank you.

Michelle said...

the life jackets I found very funny. and I love the puzzle!:)i' not surprised that the girls came up with something that silly and creative! is that anna or josie in the last picture? and is she holding a plastic golf club?

katie said...

That's Josie in the last picture, and yes, she is holding a plastic golf club (not that she even knows what golf is). Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what silly girls you have. Josie is having fun in that sprinkler and she will not drown as she has her life vest on! Good job on the puzzle, Anna. I like the birds. Do you know their names?
love you all,

katie said...

Anna does know the names of all those birds. She's my details bird and loves knowing all of that.