Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do You Do A Didgeridoo?

We have a children's book by that title and now we can reply with a resounding: "Yes! Mitch does a Didgeridoo! One that blows a low wahoo..." Did you know you can practice Didgeridoo while doing dishes or folding laundry? At least the circular breathing part. A lot of funny sounds emanate from our house at random times from random places these days and it always makes the girls laugh. Mitch practicing circular breathing, or blowing air from his mouth continually while breathing in and out. Here's a video that I found quite impressive. Watch how long he is able to keep going and getting some sort of sound out of the Didgeridoo.

Josie didn't want to be left out of the musical fun and fetched her drum to play along with Daddy. She got quite into her playing and I was able to capture her drumming spirit on this next video in particular:


akamilby said...

Okay, I honestly can't tell if Anna is lying next to a baby doll or next to Ruthie in the second video. And I especially liked how the ergo covers her entire body in the first one. Good job drumming Miss Josie Joy! You've really got rhythm. Jack and Caroline will be excited to see the digeridoo (sp?) and the drums when they get up. Your music videos are their favorites. That's quite a sound Mitch! Reminds me of street fairs, really, because that's where I've seen the didgeridoo played. Wow.

Hashim said...

very lovely videos!

Jo Miller said...

Wow that little Josie Joy can really drum. She really gets into it and has her own style! Such good family fun.

Michelle said...

I just noiticed some one commented on anna with a babydoll and i never saw it. where in the world did you get that digeridoo? love the videos!