Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anna Visits the ER

Yes, that was the excitement of our day, a trip to the ER! It was a rainy day here today so we were playing inside all morning. As Anna says it: "I was playing around with a blanket on my head that I couldn't see through and I fell. My head hit the blanket chest (right on the corner) and it was bleeding. I cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it (she held a towel on it while I called the doctor). And then I went to the hospital. At the hospital they put stitches in it. First I put my head on a washcloth, like a little one (that was their first step to clean it). They opened the stitches up and then they put them in my head. I liked it. I liked every part. You know what my faaaavorite part was? I liked being close to you! (I held her while they did it)." Yup, cracked her noggin open. And she didn't even cry! Not when she did it, not when they cleaned it or numbed it or stitched it. "Not anything!"-says Anna. Now she's telling me "Numbing was my favorite part!" (That was the part that actually did hurt). Crazy brave kiddo! She really was fine and did great through it all. Mitch came home from work and went with us, I can't imagine trying to go to the ER with all three kiddos by myself, plus he had the car. Here's a picture Anna drew of her day:It's "Anna at the Hospital." The squiggly lines going up from the bottom she said were the doors, one to the hospital and one to the room we were in. The littler circle in the middle is the bed we laid on while they stitched her up.

We also wanted to say:

And Anna also wants to tell you 'we like this drum' (the djembe drum we have).


akamilby said...

Wow, that is one brave little girl. Anna, we're very impressed that you got stitches, and that you're so brave. Kates, I'm very impressed with you too. Way to be a brave mom!

Nana said...

Never a dull moment at your house :-) Glad Anna(and you!) are ok. Linda

Faith said...

Awesome. Kids are amazing that way... Silas decided to sleep through his first set of stitches.