Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On To Bigger and Better

Josie decided enough with the little trike! Thanks to Nikki, Doug and Isaac last night (who watched the two older girls while Mitch and I went on a date! Wahooooo! Thanks guys!) who put Josie on Isaac's bike to ride, Josie found out she can ride a bike if it's small enough. So first thing this morning she went around and tried all the bikes in the courtyard to see which ones she could ride and which one she could ride the best. I think she does a better job on the bike than on the trike. She's a natural! Now she doesn't need to beg Anna to take her for a ride in the bike cart.

Summer is definitely going full swing around here now, even if the weather refuses to acknowledge that it is June and it continues to be grey and cool. Lots of outdoor gatherings and activities and I'm loving it. We have started hiking every Thursday with friends. On our hike last Thursday we went 3 miles, yes, 3 miles! Quite impressive, really. Anna hiked the whole thing. Did she have a choice, really? At least she didn't complain but seemed to be enjoying herself. We did bring up the rear of the group the whole time and by the end there was one other mom and myself and 8 kids and a dog between us hiking down the trail. We made it out with no catastrophes and enjoyed an amazing panorama of mountains in the background and tons of wildflowers up close around us. It's good to get out hiking again. Sorry, no pictures, I think I had my hands full. Maybe next time.

On the Ruthie front, she got her first tooth in the last week, is about to get another, and is starting to crawl. I'll show you a video of that soon. She's quite a determined, active little girl.


akamilby said...

I think the most exciting part of this post was that you got to go on a date! Yeah for friends to babysit! And well done Miss Josie Joy. Caroline is hoping to be able to do that soon: she's just waiting to be tall enough. You're really good at riding a bike Josie!

Tyson said...

A word from the school or hard knox.... do not take off the training wheels simply because a little one CAN ride on 2 wheels. Scout proved that physical ability and cognative ability are two different thing as my newly 3 year old took out all 4 front teeth, in a great display of physical ability, and cognative in-ability!!

Hashim said...

she is biking fast!