Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day celebrating Mitch. Thanks, Mitch, for being such an amazing Father to our three girls.
I hope your Father's Day was as blessed as ours, a day dedicated to showing the Fathers in your life how much you love them and value them in as many ways possible. We had a full but relaxing day filled with all the things Mitch loves most:

-6 a.m. bike ride up to the top of Flagstaff Mt. by Mitch

-Sprinkler time for two girls and their Dad.

-Time spent in the garden both as a family and Mitch by himself so he could actually work in peace. Can you think of anything Mitch would rather do with a day?

-Red wine and dark chocolate while the girls napped (does that count as a real date?!):

-A nap for Daddy'O! Now that's what I call one relaxing day:

-fresh blueberries for a snack:

-A 'potluck' for dinner (the words potluck and picnic are interchangeable in our house these days). Mitch said he wanted beans or lentils for dinner, so I made Huevos Rancheros. You can't beat freshly harvested lettuce, green onions and cilantro topping it all off! And a family picture to boot:

-Tandem triking (did you know such a thing existed?):

-And cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries for dessert shared with all our neighborhood friends that were outside playing with us in the evening:

-But the best surprise of all was what Anna and Josie wanted to give Daddy as a present for Father's Day: a Didgeridoo. He can actually get sound out of the thing! He has yet to master circular breathing which would allow you to play continually, but that will come with practice. If you've never heard an actual Didgeridoo played, now you can! But note that it was just received today and future videos of Didgeridoo playing will have many more hours of practice behind them:

Happy Father's Day, Mitch. We love you.


Chad Clement said...

Looks like you had a great day, Mitch. Happy Father's Day a day late. Hopefully you got my voicemail. Glad to hear to got a good ride in to the top of the mountain. For the sake of your wife and daughters, I hope you don't put as much late night effort into your new instrument as you did with your studying! But I can't wait to watch your progress.

Jo Miller said...

Hey, you changed the way comments are left, thanks so much. This is much easier. What a wonderful day for all of you. So much energy went into Sunday, no wonder Monday was hard. Beautiful flowers from Anna. I wish I could have come to your picnic. Glad it was such a special day.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Happy Father's Day Mitch! It looks like a simply lovely and relaxing day, with family, good times, and good food.

TnT said...

I want a piece of that cheesecake with strawberries! love seeing the family photo!

Hashim said...

Mitch ROCKS!