Monday, June 1, 2009

Berry Smoothie

What happens when you have a very tactile two year old eating a smoothie at the table and a six month old who must be put down for a nap right now? You come back to this:

She sure knows how to have fun. With anything. Josie has been experimenting with various forms of sunscreen lately. Her favorite is SPF yogurt, but today berry smoothie sufficed. I was quite proud of my smoothie. The girls loved it! I put blueberries, raspberries, peanut butter and kale in it. Does that sound yummy to you? I wasn't sure, but they went for it.

In case you have been wondering, yes, I did cut Josie's mullet off finally. But if you talk to Josie about it I just "took some hair away with scissors and put it in a bag."


bethany said...

None of this story is shocking to me... except for the fact that Ruthie is 6 MONTHS OLD???? Wow!!! Time is flying by. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... what is a mullet??? is it in the dictionary? Josie certainly knows how to have fun!
love you,

akamilby said...

That is such a cute picture! I love the grin on her face. Kale and peanut butter in a smoothie? I can't say that sounds very good, but it does sound nutritious. Does the berry flavor mask it? It definitely masks it color-wise, 'cause that's one purple girl. Funny, 'cause I took a picture of Caroline yesterday after she ate frozen blueberries, and at least her face and hands looked pretty similar. Miss you!

Chad Clement said...

I had a similar scene on my kitchen floor yesterday. I put a bottle of wine in the freezer for a couple of minutes to let it cool a couple of degrees. Well, a couple of minutes turned into 18 hours. I came home for lunch, opened the freezer to get something to eat, and there it was. The wine expanded and blew off the cork in the freezer. Unfortunately, wine doesn't completely freeze because of the alcohol, but it does expand when frozen. Thought you would enjoy a laugh.

katie said...

he he he :)

clairesd said...

Nice. Sometimes mama just needs to be in three places at once, right?
I have enjoyed taking a peek around your corner of cyberspace, and I look forward to seeing you again soon, I hope!
In the meantime, feel free to spy on us over at rigelandthebelles(dot)blogspot etc.