Monday, July 6, 2009

Buffalo Creek Campground

We had a wonderful weekend camping with friends at Buffalo Creek Campground.

Lots of playing in the hammock. This is our three girls with Matthew and Jake Cairns: And relaxing in the hammock. Mitch even got a nap in the hammock one morning.

There was a huge broken tree limb that the kids were constantly climbing or playing under. Miles Paschall Johnson and Matthew Cairns are the climbers in this picture:

Mitch brought his guitar and his didgeridoo and we brought all the girls' instruments including the banjo that Josie is playing in this picture. Josie kept asking Mitch to play the guitar and then she would get out her banjo and play along so she could be "playing the same thing!" as her Daddy'O.
What camping trip would be complete without s'mores over the campfire in the evening? Daddy and Josie roasting the marshmallow:

Uncle Darren is helping Eli Paschall Johnson and Mitch is helping Anna while Josie is busy eating hers in the background.

Hanging out by the tent. Can you see Josie peeking her head out?
It was Ruthie's first camping trip! It was a great spot to camp with kids. We had great weather. Some rain, just enough to keep all the bugs away, but not too cold. Evenings spent talking around the campfire. Days full of hiking, biking, playing in the creek and relaxing in the hammock. Good food, great company. Lots of time to connect as a family. A truly relaxing weekend outdoors doing all of our favorite things.


akamilby said...

Oh I'm so glad you got to get outdoors for the weekend with friends! I love the picture of the hammock full of kids. What fun! And even better that you got to go with Ben and Celesta and other folks (that I don't know, or I'd reference them). I hope it was relaxing for you too, Miss Kates. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to go camping. What fun for you all. Oh, the memories, smores, and hot chocolate, and sleeping all together in the tent. Josie is looking older in these pictures. Keep making the memories. What special times.
love you,