Friday, July 31, 2009

Spontaneous Hugs and Kisses

Who can resist this cutie pie? Not Anna!
She's a great big sister. She likes to give little Ruthie lots of hugs and kisses.

It makes a Mama's heart glad.
And what was Josie doing? Playing in the mud that she and her friends had made. "Making soup," she told me. That's why Ruthie was in the wagon playing and not on the ground crawling around. She doesn't get the line between real and pretend yet and she really wanted to eat the soup that Josie was offering her.

I do believe Josie was loving every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

I can't resist any of them. I am ready to fly out today. I suppose by the time I get there it will be playing in the snow instead of the mud. I was able to click on the pictures and save them fullsize, what fun. Such sweet girls you have. I guess you are raising some more mud babies. That's what Caroline Mills dubbed you girls when we were camping.
love you,

akamilby said...

Darling! All of your girls, clean and dirty. Some days this summer we've had multiple baths, because my kids look just like Josie Joy, so it must run in the family!