Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruthie Crawling

I've been promising a video of Ruthie crawling for a while now and finally here it is! She's gotten quite good by now, since those first uncoordinated attempts a month and a half ago. She's our earliest crawler by far, neither of her sisters crawled until 8 months. I guess she had the motivations of trying to get where her sisters were and get what they were playing with. It's so amazing to watch a little person learn to move around like this, to watch her brain develop and her muscles develop and the coordination between the two develop. It's fun to see as she gets better everyday and learns something new.

She is also pulling up on things and standing there to play with whatever she can grab now. Nothing on the coffee table is safe any more:) It's a whole new ballgame with two older sisters who have small toys, like to build towers, use scissors and crayons and leave a paper trail on the floor behind them. Anna and Josie are getting better at picking up after themselves and are also good at spotting every time Ruthie gets something in her mouth that she shouldn't have. They are a cause and a solution. They are good big sisters and are good at including Ruthie in their play as little as she is and love to play little games with her and get her to laugh as well.


Jo Miller said...

Wow, way to go Ruthie. I love to hear you encouraging her. She is so social and active. Good job big sisters on watching out for her. Becky was also our quickest at walking. She just wanted to catch up with everyone else.
love you,

akamilby said...

Yeah Ruthie! She really has it down, it's not tentative at all. I love when you post videos of Miss Ruth, because I feel like I get to know her a little better. She has great smiles!

Michelle said...

Look out, Katie-friend! Nora was crawling, pulling up, and cruising all over the house at about Ruthie's age, and she proceeded to walk right before she was 9 months. We even started to put little shoesies on her to discourage her from walking, because she had motivation without judgement, but to no avail. And then, right after "mama" and "dada" were common words, she yelled "go!" ("doe", really, but we know what she meant...)
That little pie-face and her sisters bring so much joy to all of our lives. Thank you for sharing their escapades.
Praying that the joy they bring is as sweet as rest, and that you're even getting rest, on top of it.
-Michelle (NOT Nora, for once!)