Thursday, July 16, 2009

Proud but Tired

We are going camping this weekend! And so is everyone else that I know. Since we don't have sleeping bags for the girls and couldn't find anyone to borrow any from, I made one for the girls. I'm quite proud of it. I like using the resources I have at hand and spending the time to make what we need instead of just going out and buying something new. Good thing I like it, since that's also what fits our budget :). The girls are quite excited about sleeping in their new sleeping bag. It has layers of wool, fleece and cotton, pillows attached, cushioning underneath, and I am quite sure it will keep them plenty warm even at 11,000 feet tomorrow night. It could use a little more work before its maiden voyage, but I'm tired and am off to bed. It'll do just how it is.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll see ya up in them, thar hills. Congrats on the sleeping bag (though I suppose I could have just brought you Jeanette's to borrow.)


Jo Miller said...

Wow, it is beautiful and huge. Plenty of room for all three girls for years. I am very impressed, and it even has pillows. Have fun camping.
love you,

Michelle said...

wow you worked hard for the girls! i'll bet thats what they will sleep in for days after! how long did it take?

katie said...

You couldn't have just brought us Jeanette's because we'll be up there Friday night too.
Can't tell you exactly how long it took, but I started it Wednesday morning and finished Thursday night. You are right though, they will want to sleep in it for days, the only problem is it is way to hot for here in Boulder once we get back. Maybe just sleep on top of it?
How do you rate a sleeping bag? I'm coming up with a rating for it when I test how well it performs this weekend for its maiden voyage.

Kim said...

Looks great! And it looks like there is enough room for the third girl, too, when she is ready. Good job mama!

becky said...

Way to go Katie! I like that you made one big one so the girls could share and be all cozy together. I'm sure the girls feel super special that you put the time and effort into making their very own sleeping bag-things like that are the best! Hope you have tons of fun camping this weekend!