Monday, August 3, 2009

Swim Party at the Hotel

We had our own pool party at Grandpa and Nona's hotel yesterday during the hot afternoon. Josie loved floating around with Grandpa and getting tossed high up in the air to come splashing down into the water. Anna liked playing around on the stairs where she could touch and floating holding onto something. Ruthie just went wild, splashing and playing and screeching. I would say they all had a good time.

Josie floating on her life jacket. Anna floating on my life jacket.

Little Ruthie enjoyed splashing around...

And screeching at the camera.
Grandpa kept the girls in suspense with how long he would float face down in the water.


akamilby said...

Jack says: I like those ones! Do they have their own life jackets mom? Did someone make them mom?

See, even at four years old, Jack knows that you guys have amazing fabricating abilities. But you probably didn't make the life vests. Not this time anyway. How nice to cool off in a pool in the summer. We started swim lessons for Jack last night, and by the end he enjoyed it, so I'm hoping his fear of the pool with dissipate. He loves water, and getting wet, and it's a nice shallow pool, so all those things help. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what sweet, cool fun. The girls look so relaxed just floating away. Makes me want to go tubing on the Truckee. This looks a little different than the splashing in the creek pictures.
love you,

Anonymous said...

These are the ages where I took you and Holly swimming at Lake of the Pines. Lee taught us, I think, to blow in your faces so that you would hold your breath and then go under with you. We came right back up, so it was very quick and neither of you ever fussed. Good memories. Except for the fish that kept nibbling at the mole on my leg!

Anonymous said...

I think that Josie and Anna look like they are having so much fun that we need to plan a family get together either at the California or Oregon coast or there is always Hawaii. Somebody call Jeff as he said he would make the plans.
We need a beach party!