Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Santa Came to our House!

Honestly, he did. Left three packages outside our door the other night with the names of three little girls on them. Talk about believing in Santa, there's no question about it in our house now, he came. Signed the Christmas wrapping paper himself: ~Santa.
The girls are loving their new outfits and have worn them all over even though they would fit more into the category of winter wear. Right now I think Anna's doll is taking a nap in her new shirt. But Anna wanted me to post these pictures of her in her new outfit (her idea, promise, 'and of the back, too, Mama!') and Josie would not be left out of the post. So here are the pictures of the girls in their new clothes from Santa:

Thank you, Santa!
While on the subject of clothes I thought I would show you what the girls wore all day yesterday in between wearing their new clothes from Santa (they change clothes at least 5 times a day, they are girls, you know):

Yes, bandanna shirts, that Mommy 'sewed' for the girls. And whatever other odd assortment of hats, belts and socks they could find in the drawer. They even wore their bandanna shirts up to the University when we walked up to meet Mitch after his last class. We got lots of smiles. I don't know if they were smiling at the girls shirts or at the smiles on the girls faces as we laughed the whole way up there. Lots of laughter in the Clement house and it is contagious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a glimpse into your fun and smiles. Do you think that Santa is on his way to my house? Hey I liked your biking pictures. I didn't know that Ruthie could go in the cart now. So glad you get to ride again even if it means you are carting quite a few others. You live in the perfect place for biking. You should bike over to the shopping street where they have those spurting fountains. Or is it too cold?
love you,

akamilby said...

What great pictures of new clothes: Santa clothes and bandanna clothes! I did have a little trouble explaining to my kids why Santa's not coming for four more months around here, but they liked the pictures. What biking pictures is Mom talking about? I must have missed those. Love to all!