Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Potty Training

We're attacking the potty training hurdle in our household right now and actually seem to be making some progress. Josie is consistently going pee on her own little toilet and the accidents are becoming fewer and fewer. She's wearing underwear around most of the time. Pooping is another story. We're not there yet. We'll let you know how it goes. Any encouragement you might have for our little learner would be wonderful and any tips/ideas for mama would be appreciated as well. I'm tired of washing diapers for two little girls so I have plenty of incentive, but I'm finding my patience to be very small for accidents when they happen.


akamilby said...

First, Good Job Josie Joy! Second Re: accidents. I've been letting Caroline wear panties when she wants to, and then she's wearing diapers or pull-ups the rest of the time, which she has no trouble taking off to go to the potty. We're taking it really slow, but the poop is finally making it into the potty! I think it just takes a lot of patience, until they're ready, and I don't know what switched in Caroline's head, but she's starting to get it. I'll pray for patience for you and that Josie will understand the new physical motions necessary to make the switch. I like the little potty! It's cute as could be. Oh, and Caroline loves her books about going on the potty, so that's a thought too. Oops, she got out of the shower as we speak. Got to go. Good work Mama too!

Faith Alterton said...

Best advice? Try to avoid discussing the ages your kids are potty trained with friends. It's so not important, and besides, definitions of "trained" can vary a lot! :)

Well, if it helps any, I've gradually decided that potty training should be delayed as long as possible at our house. Pretty much till the guys tear off the diaper and refuse to wear it anymore. Usually works out to about three years old.

Even back when we started at about eighteen months, we never had total success until around three. I now consider a bit more time in diapers a luxury for me. Especially since we're in cloth too. :)

And yes, pee and poop are two totally different training processes. Hang in there!

katie said...

Thanks for your encouragement and advice. It's good to be reminded that it takes a lot of time and a certain level of developmental maturity. That gives me more patience with the whole process to be reminded of that.