Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music and Dancing

Yay for Friday night music and dancing at the Clement house! I love it when Mitch gets out his guitar. I've never seen Ruthie crawl as fast as she did when Mitch started to play and she wanted to get over there and check out where that music was coming from. She loved it. Josie had her banjo out and Anna had her guitar, they both had their own picks (Anna's was dark purple), and they played right along with Mitch. I like it. Then they had fun zipping each other inside of the soft-sided guitar case.


Anonymous said...

I can hear the music now. Yeah for quiet, or not, family times. Such a blessing that your girls enjoy each other.
love you,

becky said...

how fun! I remember playing hide-n-seek in the house and trying to cram into all sorts of tiny spaces. Seeing the girls in the guitar case reminds me of that.

akamilby said...

Where were you standing to take the last picture? Or are you a giant now? Cute girlies, and it's no wonder they love music, since their mom and dad are both musical! I remember you picking up any instrument as a child and being able to pick out a tune on it. Looks like fun!

sarah marie said...

Katie, my Mom just told me about your blog recently, and I'm so glad. Your family is just beautiful, and those girls are lucky to have you for a mom! I imagine that there is lots of laughter in your home indeed!

Sarah (Palmer) S.