Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is a typical bedtime scene at our house.
Mitch is reading Farmer Boy to the two older girls and Ruthie is playing around on the trundle bed below. She likes to play peekaboo while they read and pop her head up over the side of the bed and grin at them. I like the daily rhythm of quiet family times like this and the antics of sweet, content Ruthie adding laughter to the mix. She is one active little girl, she hardly stops moving unless she is actually asleep.


akamilby said...

Ahhh, this looks a lot like bedtime at our house, except without the little girl playing below. Don't you love cuddle time before bed?

Anonymous said...

This picture took forever to load. I had to go away for awhile. Maybe it would help if you didn't show so many posts on one page??
Cute picture. So when did you get these beds in the girls room? Do they sleep in here now? So fun that Miss Ruthie feels included and content to be nearby. Sweet times.
love you, Mom