Sunday, August 2, 2009

Having Fun With Nona and Grandpa

-Nona made the girls their own Didgeridoo and we gave a family concert. Ruthie even played the shaker but she was done by the time Nona snapped this picture.
-A beautiful morning hike that got cut short when Anna fell and cut her knee pretty good. She was a real trooper about it, though.- A trip to the County Fair where they saw lots of horses and goats and got to drink lemonade. Anna said "They were riding the horses, Mommy! And we got to have lemonade, real lemonade! It even had ice in it and a real lemon!"

-Bath time with Nona

-Everybody with their mug of good Carolines Coffee in the evening (As Josie said, hers is actually just water) and Grandpa's reading a book in Spanish to Josie, who is so proud that she is able to repeat the words.
-Grandpa waiting for the bus:
-Here came the bus, but it was a little full for Grandpa to get on:

- And Mommy went on a retreat all day. Little Ruthie came with me, and it was a relaxing, meditative, refreshing and much needed retreat. Lots of real quiet time with God.

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akamilby said...

You got to go on a retreat all day?!? I'm so glad for you! That was the best part of this post, although I'm sure the girls thought it was the county fair. Oh how lovely of Bill and Judy to give you that time to yourself. I hope it was refreshing and relaxing and just what you needed. Yeah for breaks for hard-working, amazing moms!