Monday, March 8, 2010

More Snapshots of a Birthday

Making cupcakes the night before:
Beautiful excited girl:

I'm three today!

Reading "Puff the Magic Dragon" from Grandma Jo:

Right after swim lessons:

Playing baseball with Daddy'O with a new bat from Nona and Grandpa:

Making pizza for lunch:

And at the party!

The scavenger hunt:
Each picture clue that was found had to be opened by Josie and she had to wait until everyone was there to open it- this brought the group back together at each clue and the younger kiddos could participate.

Another clue:

Running for the next clue (I'm trying to get there before they do because the cupcakes are waiting in this next spot):

Eating cupcakes outside-Josie requested white chocolate chip cupcakes with white frosting and gummi bears and chocolate chips to put on top of it all:

Anna and Sophie-June having fun at the party:

Playing more baseball to relax after the party:
Check out that cute skirt! That's what I made Josie for her birthday. It's a full skirt, lots of fun to twirl in! I can't tell you how much spinning has been happening in our house and everywhere we go these days! It's puts a smile on everyone's face to watch her. I love that after each spin she always sits down hard with her skirt spread out in a circle around her (on accident or on purpose I'm not sure) and then looks up at you with a huge grin on her face. We'll have to try to get a good video of that to post sometime soon.


akamilby said...

Wow, what a fun party! Josie, you are a well celebrated girl with a hard-working mama. You put together quite a party Mitch and Katie! You have three lucky girls!

Chad Clement said...

Fantastic pictures of your party, Josie. It looks like you had a great day for some outside fun. Uncle Chad wants to turn 3 again, so I can have a birthday like that! You sure are growing up. Love the birthday hat.