Monday, March 8, 2010

Josie turns...


Josie, my sweet three year old little girl. I hope you felt celebrated and loved on your birthday. I hope you know how special you are. One of a kind. Spunky and caring, feisty and independent, thoughtful and sincere, daring and adventurous, social and with a smile that lights up any room you are in.
Three years ago you entered into this world, into my arms, into my care. My world will never be the same again. What a responsibility, to nurture your spirit, guide you into what is right, encourage your individuality, show you each and every day that you are loved for exactly who you are. What a joy to be the recipient of your smiles and your hugs, your joy and your laughter, your trust, your serious dialogues, your thoughtful, caring actions.
Thank you for being you.

Here's a little video Grandma Jo took from Josie's birthday party of everybody singing 'Happy Birthday' and then Josie blowing out her candles.

We had a lot of fun celebrating you, Josie! Music and instuments, charades, a scavenger hunt to find the cupcakes, good times with good neighbors, lots of laughter and energy and fun had by all.

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akamilby said...

Yeah for Josie Joy! We love you too Miss Josie, and we're glad you're three! I wish we could have celebrated with you, but we thought of you a lot on Saturday. You a special, sweet girl, Miss Josie, and we miss you!

--Aunt Holly, Jack and Caroline