Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anna's Artwork

Anna spent quite a long time today finishing up this picture that she started coloring last night. She wanted me to post it on the blog so "everyone in the whole wide world can see it!"

Here it is!
Anna's artwork, carefully and meticulously done. (It's a prefab picture, obviously, that she colored in. No, she can't draw quite that good!)
She told me she drew it for her Daddy'O.


akamilby said...

Wow Anna, I am really impressed with your drawing! You do careful, beautiful work, and you spend a long time doing it. Well done Miss Anna Artist!

akamilby said...

P.S. You also have a wonderful smile!

becky said...

Wowzers Anna! I am impresssed with your drawing skills! It looks beautiful and it's obvious that you spent a lot of time and care in finishing it. well done.

(okay i wrote this and then read holly's comment. we are apparently saying the exact same thing but i meant every word and really wasn't just copying her! :) sisters!)