Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Bike Ride

I don't know if you all keep up on the weather in Colorado, but after a cold, blustery, snowy, temperatures in the teens sort of weekend, we were happy to see the sun and feel its warmth on our backs again. The snow's all melted except for in the shade now and we spun out for a family bike ride, our second in a week! Usually, Josie's in the bike seat and Anna and Ruthie hang out in the bike cart. But since I gave Anna a little treat on our last ride while she was in the bike cart, today Josie decided she wanted to ride in the bike cart so she could have a little treat, too. Mitch got to pull a few extra pounds around and I got to ride with a grinning, laughing Ruthie who fell asleep before we had gone very far, her second nap of the day.
The Clements do like to ride.
The girls like the change of scenery and watching the praire dogs, dogs, walkers, the creek, and other bikers go by. They will enjoy it for over an hour before they start to complain, and that's enough for Mitch and I to get a pretty good ride in and for our bodies to get a good workout if you factor in the extra weight we're each carrying on our bikes. Brings back lots of good memories of other fun bike rides.


April said...

What fun! I remember living in CO and how happy I was to see spring. The weather is so great in the late spring and summer!

TnT said...

We love family bike rides too! Love all of your pictures.

akamilby said...

I love the fact that everyone in your family has big grins on their faces. You guys are biking fools! Love it!