Monday, March 1, 2010

Anna Ballerina

Today was the last day of Anna's ballet class, which means the parents got to attend class for a 'show' to see what their little ballerina's have been learning. This little girl loves ballet. She puts on her leotard and teaches Josie the things she is learning in her class almost every day. She's been telling us she wants to keep going to ballet class so she can learn how to do 'real ballet', by which I think she means that some of the things she does in her class, although fun, don't qualify in her mind as 'real' ballet (but are good dance skills none the less).

First position:



One thing they learned in their class was the difference between leaping, jumping and hopping.

Here's a video of hopping:


And leaping:
A video of the dance that they made up to show the parents. Some of the time they were supposed to dance all over the place with their whole body and then they change it up and are supposed to just dance on a spot and keep their whole body dancing.

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Chad Clement said...

Anna: Uncle Chad is very impressed and thinks that you are already a beautiful ballerina. You sure can hop and jump. Keep up the great work. I love your ballerina outfit.