Friday, October 14, 2011

Josie's Pictures

Josie has a new camera and boy oh boy has this budding photographer been enjoying her picture taking over the last few days. I wanted to share some of her photography with you. It's a fun way to walk through her day with her, see what she saw, the things that were important to her or beautiful to her today. You can literally look at the world through her eyes.
Mama with her morning coffee. (That's my favorite mug, I use it every morning.)
Ruthie, still waking up.
The slow, casual side of the morning.
Daddy 'O
Anna leaving for school:
New toys from Nona, having a 'show' with them:
More of Mama:
Outside our home:
Playing on the stoop with a neighbor, laundry basket empty of laundry that's now in the wash:
Decorating the bunk bed with pieces of colorful wrapping paper:
Beautiful Fall trees along the bike path on the way home from picking Anna up at school:
Red Virginia Creeper, also along the bike path:
We must have made twenty stops on the way home from school today on our bikes as Josie yelled "Wait! I see another one! I've got to take another picture!" And we would all stop, the camera would come out, and another beautiful Fall tree would be documented.
For every picture you see here there are ten others of a similar nature, sometimes almost exactly the same, with slight differences that maybe only Josie would notice as the world around her changed almost imperceptibly and caught her attention yet again. I loved watching her excitement today, her joy in capturing pieces of her world, her eye for detail and her own love of natural beauty.


Jo Miller said...

thanks for sharing your world with me Josie girl. I hope you enjoyed my newsletter. I put lots of pictures in so you could see my world. Let's see, Daddios birthday is the next one, and then it will be time to wait for Ruthie.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Oh I love the pictures of Josie's day. She sure has a beautiful mama! Isn't it fun how different big and little people see the world? They're so good at noticing the minute. Nice pictures Jo, you might be a photographer when you grow up!

Michael Miller said...

I;m a fan of the colorful wrapping paper decorations. Keep up the good decorating-- its almost Christmas! ! !