Monday, October 31, 2011

A Full Halloween

A photo gallery of our action packed, fun filled day.
Anna's Kindergarten class went to Munson Farm Pumpkin Patch today and Josie, Ruthie and I got to tag along.
Stairstep sisters standing in the circle:
Two sisters, fast friends, running free:
Ruthie in the corn patch (she didn't like it much, she got lost in there for a bit when she couldn't see me, poor girl. Easy for the adults to see over the short stalks, but not a two year old):
Anna and Josie in the corn patch, mud about 2 inches thick on their shoes:

Ruthie found some corn!
"We have worms on our corn, Mrs. Kiley! Isn't that so cool! Mine has three worms!"
Class picture + Josie and a beautiful view of the mountains in the background. Can you beat the scenery around here? It doesn't get any better than a crisp Fall day (yes, it is Fall around here again), all the orange colors in the foreground, and the snow covered mountains rising up so close. Anna and Josie are in the middle row on the left, both in purple:
"I want this one, Mom!"
"That one's a little heavy for you, Ruthie, let me carry it"
Carving the pumpkin, cleaning out the goop inside:
Josie wanted to save and roast all the seeds for eating (anyone have a good recipe?):
The finished product, casting a ghoulish glow over our steps tonight:
Leaf pile fun this afternoon, Josie jumping in:
Anna's turn!
Bury me!
Where's Ruthie?
Anna, in her 'Nature Detective' costume complete with hiking stick, sun hat, good hiking clothes and shoes, magnifying glass, bag for treasures, creature identification booklet, bandanna turned cape that is covered in animal footprints for identification. (This Summer and Fall the girls have been earning their nature detective certificates by completing different activities at some of the Boulder Parks and Open Space areas around here. Their prizes arrived today in the mail, along with their certificate of completion saying they are officially Nature Detectives. Thus the Halloween costume featuring all the new prizes.)
Ruthie said she was a butterfly. Can you see the wings? What butterfly doesn't need a pink leotard and fuzzy purple hat?
Trick-or-treating around the courtyard! Josie was a ballerina (that was about her 5th costume of the day. The others were a Nature Detective, princess, pumpkin, and butterfly. Oh the fun of dressing up!)
Anna and Ruthie playing piano with our little friend Violet, aka Tigger the Tiger, who came over to play for a bit while the rest of her family went through a haunted house:
Stickers! What better place to put them than all over Daddy's face!
Lotsa love all around at the end of a full day.
I hope yours was packed with as much fun and lots of hugs as well!


Jo Miller said...

thanks for all the pictures. What a lot of fun you all had. hmmm... I am a detective - a grandma detective and I spied some new haircuts in your family. Josie girl I like your flippy short hair and the bangs with show off your lovely face. Was Ruthie's hair trimmed too?? Who did the haircutting?? That is a very nice pumpkin, good job cutting. Holly and Becky were both Waldo, as in Where's Waldo. They even had striped stockings. What fun.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Shoot, I wrote a comment on here yesterday, and I don't see it here. I love your Halloween pictures! Those girlies are so cute(great new haircuts) all dressed up and out at the pumpkin patch. Mitch is very patient--that's a lot of stickers! The buried in the leaves pictures are too cute, as are the costumes. Anna's is so imaginative! Oh and that pumpkin is great! We just roasted our pumpkin seeds with salt and olive oil, and they were delicious!

katie said...

Glad you all liked the haircuts! Josie did hers herself:) Then Mitch had to even it up a bit of course. She did a good job, though, I think it's a very fitting haircut for her. I just had to laugh when she walked into the bedroom where I was and showed me what she had done.

As for pumpkin seeds, we finally roasted our today. I did them in tamari (soy sauce), and a bit of melted butter- Thanks Patti! Turned out pretty tasty as well.