Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anna turned 6

Another milestone marked, a pause to celebrate my special little girl. A whole day dedicated to making Anna feel special and know how much she is loved. A day to pause and reflect on the fact that another whole year has passed in our lives since Anna first joined our little family. The time really does pass so fast, and marking the passage of time helps me to pause and reflect and remember to live present and take advantage of every moment we have of childhood in this house. This is my big girl who goes off away from our family on her own everyday to kindergarten confident and secure in who she is, exploring the world around her, kindhearted and compassionate, delighting in all the little daily wonders of life, who still snuggles into my lap and grins up at me, who truly has two best friends in her younger sisters, a bond that warms this mama's heart.
We sure do love you a lot Anna.
The whole family, even Grandpa and Nona who were visiting for the day, got to come with Anna to Kindergarten for a special birthday celebration. Josie and Ruthie joined Anna for circle time and tried the motions to their songs:
Anna got to bring in one of her favorite stories, Lighthouse, for me to read and share with the class during the birthday celebration:
Her sisters picked out some special gifts for their special sister and enjoyed giving them to her. Even Ruthie kept the secret!
We gave Anna the choice of having a big party with lots of friends at home or choosing two friends and doing a fun activity for her birthday. She chose to bring her two friends, Adisyn and Olivia, and go to the local paint-your-own-pottery studio. Each of the girls decorated their own plate, which was later fired and we picked them up today. Beautiful works of original art!
After pottery time we had a fun playtime in the courtyard.
All three Clement girls playing with bubbles with Adisyn and Olivia:
More of our courtyard friends joined us for cake and ice cream. White strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of a heart with sprinkles on top, per the birthday girls request:)
The day was made complete with dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Sombrero girl! Walking home after dinner at the end of a full day with three tired, content girls the consensus among the three of them was that "this was the best day ever!" I love those precious grins!


Jo Miller said...

Did you really do all those things in just one day? That is at least a weeks worth of fun. The cake looks pretty yummy, I think I need a taste! I went to a Mexican dinner just last Saturday and the food was so good and we had all the special decorations too. I am glad that you all had such a special day.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Wow, what a birthday! I agree with Mom, was all of that in one day?! That was one special day! You sure know how to make a girl feel celebrated! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing how Anna spent her day.