Friday, July 2, 2010

Rock Climbing Adventure

Our church had a rock climbing day this last weekend. Fun times! It was a beautiful area tucked up close to the flatirons. A perfect little hike into the climb, and some good climbing for all ages and ability levels.
The Clement family (you can't see Ruthie but she's in the backpack on my back):I love watching Anna climb! She just goes for it!
She flies up the rock until all of a sudden she stops, looks at you and tells you she's ready to come down.

Then down she comes! She's starting to get the feel of hanging in the harness, keeping her feet in front of her and enjoying the rappel.

I had a chance to climb. Not super challenging, but definitely fun!

And here's Mitch, scrambling up the rock in his sandals! Poor guy, he has such a hard time finding climbing shoes for size 16 feet.
Thanks Jon, Eric and Steve for taking us all climbing!


akamilby said...

What a great experience for everyone! I'm glad Mitch and Katie got to climb, and I can't believe that your girlies are big enough to climb too, although I know they're the same size as mine, and mine would love to climb! Fun times, and great pics Kates!

Mema said...

Looks like Anna is a lot like her mommy. :)