Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty on my Mind

Beauty is

This kind of laughter and fun on a hot day:
This kind of comfortable friendship, sharing in the joy of a new baby:

This kind of yummy abandon:

This kind of unsophisticated play:

This kind of delight in green growing things, paying attention to the details of the garden:

What is the beauty in my life? The grace we have for each other that lets us accept our differences and revel in each other's company. The grace we have for others and ourselves that lets us be light and joyful, free in life to connect and be present, not full bitterness or anger. Grace that gives us eyes to see and soak in the presence of God in the little moments of our daily life. That, to me, is the definition of joy and beauty.


akamilby said...

Jack and Caroline say: we have fennel and strawberries too! Caroline likes Anna's swimsuit, and Josie's too. They love the picture of Ruthie when she was all messy! "I like all your pictures. That is it."

Jenna said...

Katie--this post made my whole day and I love how you captured beauty in photos and thoughts! Thanks for sharing such beauty today!