Monday, July 26, 2010

Peaceful Valley

And truly it was. Our camping site this last weekend was aptly named.
We headed up to the hills with our friends Tom and Eleanor Needy and their daughter Anna, who is the same age as Ruthie, and Doug and Nikki Kennedy, their son Isaac, niece Kendall, nephew Jake, and Auntie Mari, Nikki's sister the gourmet camping chef.
Here are the Needys. How often is the whole family in one picture?!!

These two are fast friends, as long as Ruthie doesn't get too aggressive. Usually Ruthie's just trying to give Little Anna a hug when she puts her in a headlock or bowls her over. Sometimes, though, she's being feisty. But you should see the grin they give each other each time they meet.

Anna and Isaac running. It feels like they run and climb and jump all day long when we are camping. Nice, since it means they conk out as soon as their head hits the pillow at night in the tent.

Doug and little Ruthie, hanging out around the campfire.

Eleanor cooking dinner our second night. Mitch just got back from a bike ride.

This is Jake. It was his first time camping. He built that fire in front of him, gathering the pine needles and twigs and branches for starter, chopping a log into kindling with the hatchet, making it all into a beautiful tepee, and then enjoying the results. A proud moment.

This is how the Clement girls eat their dinner in the woods.

You cute little munchkin!

Or tough girl.

One of my favorite things about camping with kids is the never ending entertainment a rock can be. This rock was a launchpad for hours of jumping and climbing.

With a carload of sleeping pads and bags, pillows and suitcases around it, it became the center of a rough and tumble game of who knows what that the kids enjoyed for hours.

I love the joy they take in simple pleasures. I don't think these kids know what it means to be bored. I don't think I have ever heard them use that word.

Three families, lots of kids, spending time together in a peaceful valley, surrounded by the incredible, undiluted beauty of the created world. The same joys humans have shared with each other for all of history.


Jo Miller said...

What a fun time. Hello to Tom and Eleanor. We have a rock just like that on our playground. Isn't camping just the best. Wish I could come along, maybe next year.
love you all,
Grandma Jo
Time to head to school

Michelle said...

Great story and pictures, Katie. I feel peaceful just taking it all in! Now we're off to our weekly source of entertainment and dirt: Monroe Farm!

akamilby said...

Happy camping pictures! It looks like a good time was had by all--I hope you got to relax too Miss Kates!