Friday, July 2, 2010

Fancy Girls

Boy howdy, do I have some fancy girls! There is nothing they love more than being fancy, however that is defined in the moment in their minds. Inspired by their fancy painted nails and all the flowers they saw, they decided to put on their fancy dresses and hold bouquets of flowers 'like in a wedding', as Anna said.
Painted toenails.
Beautiful smiles!

Our friend and neighbor and constant companion of the girls. They all love playing with Nam!

Josie had her white dress on because white is a fancy color.

Ruthie won't be left out of the fun.

Ruthie, you little charmer. You bring a smile to everyone's face.

They wanted me to make sure and tell you that Nam's dress is pink, even though it looks white in these pictures.

Relaxing on the grass.

They even put flowers in Mama's hair! Aren't I cute and fancy?! Josie took my picture.

Fancy does not mean refined or sophisticated.
Even fancy girls are full of spunk and silliness!

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akamilby said...

Now those are some fancy girls! I love all the dressed-up finery. How fun to have all girls to play dress up together. And their mama's pretty fancy too:)