Friday, June 4, 2010

Ruthie's Game

I'm sure this game has been played in your own household if you have ever had young children or were a young child. Right now Ruthie is the master of this dinnertime game in our house. She loves it! It's a follow-the-leader sort of a game where Ruthie is the leader and the rest of us do whatever she does, all while sitting at the table. She's very good at getting the rest of us to play with her. As dinner is starting to wind down and Ruthie is pretty much finished eating she'll start banging on the table or clapping her hands or waving them in the air or whatever it is that she wants you to mimic. If you don't follow her she'll say your name very insistently until you do the requested action, demonstrating again what she's wanting you to do. Of course, since we all like to play because of the grins we get on her face, we're not hard to convince.

Here's a little video of the Clement family dinnertime fun.


akamilby said...

That is the cutest dinnertime game I have ever seen! Yeah for Ruthie! We have truly never played this game, although I'm sure that after my kids see this video in the morning we'll play it a lot:)

katie said...

What???!!! That is so not true! You have played that game! I remember playing that game with Jack after you told me about how you all would play it with him when you lived in your other house on lower Red Dog. He was younger than Ruthie. But I remember how Trace talked about how excited he was when it dawned on him that everyone was copying him.