Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daddy's Work

Mitch is working this summer for the city of Lafayette, as he did last summer, only last summer he was an intern and now he is actually an engineer, having graduated and, as we just found out, passed his FE exam! Congratulations, Mitch! His main work for the first half of the summer is overseeing a major paving project that the city is doing on their main road. The girls love going to visit Daddy at work. They love seeing their Daddy and they love seeing where he is all day when he is not with us, getting a glimpse of what he does. They also love all of the fun things we have found to do in the city of Lafayette, the different parks, the lake and the water park we like to play in. Today, after we dropped Grandma Jo off at the airport, we went by Lafayette to see Daddy's work. We got to watch them laying down the asphalt, rolling it, and striping it.
Here are the girls watching the roller go by:
In between watching the paving we also had fun at the water park:

I love all their facial expressions when the girls are playing in the water, their delight and laughter in their play and their grimaces at the water in their face.

So much innocent little girl fun!

Warming up after water play:

Their favorite kind of day. Full of the excitement of water fun on a hot day and getting to see Daddy at work and watching a big part of what he is working on. The only bummer was saying goodbye to Grandma Jo this morning. We miss you Grandma Jo!

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akamilby said...

Wow, that looks like fun all around! The water, seeing Mitch, and laying in the warm sun. We'll miss Grandma Jo too, but the kids were sure excited to pick her up today!