Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain Ride with Nora and Sam

You know it is going to happen if you make plans for a picnic and a bike ride with two of your favorite people. That is the surest way to make it rain. We had to picnic inside on the living room floor but we still wanted to go for our bike ride despite the pouring rain and thunder and lightening. Dont worry, we waited until the storm had passed over and there was at least no more thunder and lightening before we took off. Just a little bit of light rain still coming down and lots of puddles to ride through.
The girls found a puddle in the courtyard as we were getting ready to take off, little ones do seem to have a radar for puddle finding.


And after!

We had fun! Yelling and laughing and finding every puddle there was on our ten mile ride. If you ever want to go on a fun bike ride, just take Nora and Sam along. But be ready to ride fast and be ready to get wet! Even if I had wanted to avoid a particularly deep looking puddle the rooster tail arching up from Nora's wheel was enough to soak me through and through! Nora at least had a crate on the back of her bike that acted like a fender to keep her from getting covered with a majority of her road spray. The roads and bridges were a bit slick and Sam had one fall that sliced up his hand. Other than that we sure had fun! Do you want to go again sometime soon, Nora and Sam?!


akamilby said...

Wow, I don't know Sam and Nora (except Nora a little via blog comments:) ), but that looks like one fun bike ride! I'm glad you all had fun. Thanks for posting Kates! And yes, my kids too have an affinity for puddles, whereever they are!

Michelle said...

well of course! as long as we take the same trail.

Hashim Alhamad said...

You guys have very cool bikes. Very nice shoes Katie!

I like the comparison between the first and the rest of the photos.

It was nice and breezy earlier this evening by the beach :)