Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slumber Party!

This has become a Friday night ritual in our family, a sabbath ritual. Our faithful blog readers know that Friday night is when we celebrate the sabbath as a family, when we stop other work and take time to intentionally reconnect as a family and focus on the bigger things in life. Since it is the one night that Mitch doesn't stay up late working on the computer getting schoolwork done with the light on in the living room, it has become the one night that the girls are allowed to sleep out in the living room. Slumber Party! It always takes a different form. Sometimes they want to sleep in their sleeping bags, sometimes in their tent, sometimes the whole family is out here, sometimes just the two older girls. This Friday night they wanted to sleep on the couch together and fell asleep to the sound of their Mommy and Daddy's voices talking as we sat on the other couch drinking chai, enjoying each other's company and watching our daughters drift off to sleep.

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Tyson said...

So sweet. Our kids make these and call them nests!!