Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Favorite Corner of the House

It's not really a corner, it's a wall. These last two weeks have been tough. It was one of those times when you feel unable to get on top of anything, life gets you down, emotional tensions run high in all directions, you are kept busy with sick kiddos all day, all week, it seems impossible to keep your house clutter free and feeling peaceful. I was feeling pretty low and stressed to the max in all directions.
And my friend Michelle made me this banner:

"love lives here"

Our reminder, even in the tough times, of what it is that keeps us going, of the good that we do have, of so much to be thankful for.

I was inspired to create my own artwork that symbolized our family to grace our wall: And then I cleared that wall of everything else, so these reminders stand out to us of who we are and what we have.

Even if I have been unable to keep the floors or counters or desktops cleared of 'stuff' in the craziness that is our lives, there is a simple space in my home that reminds me of the peace and grace and love that lives here. My favorite corner of the house.


akamilby said...

I like your peaceful corner. Reminders are good. It might be chaotic in your home sometimes, but with good reason, and you've got some pictures of the three good reasons there. It helps me to concretely see what I strive for too. Hmmmm, maybe I need a love lives here corner too, metaphorically speaking.

Michelle said...

Your home makes a beautiful setting for a beautiful truth, told in cloth (and in pictures--wonderful!). I am not sure that those words, in that form, would be half as lovely anywhere else. That's why it lept out of my scrap basket for you five. My heart breaks and sings for you, and then breaks and sings again, every single day. I love being able to live our lives alongside your family.