Saturday, February 13, 2010


Parents of young children beware! This post contains content that might inspire other young adventurers to try things in your home that might not be considered safe by all!

Consider yourself forewarned.

The new setup in our house, the girls' kitchen is now out in the main living area:

I put the coffee table close to their kitchen, a surface for them to play and cook on.

Or a surface for them to climb on, as the case may be:

And climb higher from:

And do flips:


Anna in action:

Yes, inspired by little Ruthie, that coffee table ladder has meant hours (literally) of play for three little girls as they climb, flip, run around to the back of the couch, and climb and flip again.
No injuries yet.

Here's a little video of Ruthie in action. You might want to turn the sound off, it doesn't add anything to the video. Anna had a sore throat and ear ache for a while this afternoon and you can hear her crying in the background. She feels fine now, but she had a rough afternoon. Thankfully for me, Ruthie and Josie were completely self-entertained (by a coffee table and a couch) and I was able to focus on Anna. Anyways, enjoy the video of a cute Ruthie doing her flip:


akamilby said...

Love it! And so do my kids! But no worries, because they already do this, so it wasn't an introduction into anything new:)

Kim said...

As I looked at those pictures I thought to myself, "that is a face I am never seen on Josie in pictures before..." And for good reason, it was not Josie, it is Ruthie! Can she really be big enough to climb and flip and look like a girl and not a babe? How does this happen?!

Charlie's bed is a mattress on the floor. A mattress on which the boys love to jump, and leap, and flip, and dive. A few times I have thought, maybe this should be stopped? Naw! It is good for them to be so active--testing their bodies, and with cushioning and pillows to catch them should they fall from such a short height. Looks like FUN to us!