Monday, February 6, 2012

Uncle Michael's Igloo

Uncle Michael came to Denver riding on an airplane

And then the snow came flying down and this is where he ended.

Uncle Michael thanks for comin', Uncle Michael stranded

Uncle Michael had some fun though this was unintended!

(sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

We did love having you, Michael, although we're sorry you didn't make it all the way to South Dakota to see your family.

The girls woke up last Friday morning to a snow day from school and Uncle Michael sleeping on the couch. When a foot and a half of snow is on the ground, what little girl wouldn't be asking to build a snow fort? I told them Uncle Michael was the expert. Which he was. Just check out this igloo! Digging out the inside:
Ruthie checking it out:

Josie crawling in:

Uncle Michael thought he was just making an igloo for some little girls to play in during the day. Little did he know that two certain 4 and 6 year olds would want to sleep in their igloo that night.

Yes, seriously, they did sleep in it. Josie made it until 3 in the morning and Anna made it all night. They had to have adult supervision of course, so Uncle Michael was recruited to sleep in it too. He tried to make a case for young 'uns wanting their mom and dad to sleep with them, but Anna and Josie really wanted their uncle. Aw shucks, who can resist that?!

No, I didn't let Ruthie sleep out there, but she sure is a cutie playing in the igloo:

It was pretty big, Mommy even came in to play for a while during the day!

The moral of this story is: don't get caught in Denver in a snowstorm unless you want to spend the night in an igloo. Or something like that.

Today Josie went outside to play in the snow and climbed up on top of the igloo. Pretty soon she was jumping up and down on top of it and yelling to me about how strong it was. The next thing I knew, she had disappeared. Not knowing if she was stuck somewhere between on top and inside, I ran outside and peaked in. A giggling Josie looked up at me and exclaimed "I made a chimney, Mom!"


Jenna said...

You guys are AWESOME! I miss seeing all these ladies but am happy to see them on your blog--way too fun!

sarah marie said...

oh, this looks like so much fun... these will be happy memories for your kids. :) They are lucky to have adventuresome parents and aunts and uncles!

Kim said...

I immediately started reading this post to the tune of Yankee Doodle without even reading ahead. Haha!
Looks like lots of fun for everyone!