Sunday, February 19, 2012

Climbing and Running

Ruthie and I went for a walk along the creek path this afternoon and ended up at the camel tree. You can't end up at the camel tree without climbing the camel tree.

Can you tell why we call it the camel tree?

It's a huge Cottonwood that's growing laying over on it side so it bumps up like a camel. It's branches stick straight up in the air. Perfect for a three year old to climb.

Higher than Mommy's head!

From her lookout in the crow's nest Captain Nancy Ruth of the pirate ship Amazon is watching for her sisters and Daddy to return along the creek path.

Pretty cute for a pirate, if you ask me.

Here they come! Anna, Josie and Daddy'O went out for a run.

Ruthie and I were the cheering squad.

Ever since Anna and Josie watched Uncle Chad and Daddy'O run in the Bolder Boulder last year they have wanted to run in it again this year themselves. They say they are training for it and keep talking us into taking them out for runs. They ran 1 and 3/4 miles on this run. The Bolder Boulder is a 10k, 6 miles. They've got a ways to go in their training if they truly want to do it this year, but the running has been fun and good for all of us in the meantime, whether or not they actually run in the Bolder Boulder. What do you say, Uncle Chad, are you coming out again this year to run with your nieces?

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Chad said...

Uncle Chad has been training hard himself, so I could probably be talked into it as long as we avoid biking before the race. No more trips to the hospital the day before. And Mitch, you need to make sure your feet take some pounding a few times before the run this year. I'm running 3 half marathons (Apr 14, May 20, June 2), so a 10k would be good.