Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Ice Skating Videos

We have really been enjoying the ice skating this winter, every time we go we get there when they open mid morning and end up staying until dinner time. Ruthie has been a couple of times now and this last time she was actually able to skate around a bit. I only have one video of her because most of the time I was skating next to her. She did a lot better if she wasn't holding on to me, then she would actually find her own balance instead of just depending on me. I would take her out to the middle of the ice and drop her off, telling her I had to help out Anna or Josie, and then she was fine to skate for a while on her own.

Anna and her friend Juliana (in pink) were practicing and then performing an ice skating show for the adults in attendance. Here's a couple of videos of their moves:

Josie didn't want me to take any videos of her this day so you just get to see her skating in and out of videos of the other two.

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