Monday, November 7, 2011

Tea Party

Nona gave Anna a new tea set for her birthday this year. Anna has loved having real tea parties these days.
Ruthie, oh so carefully, pouring in the cream:
Would anybody like a sip of tea?

What tea party is complete without "CHEERS!"? None that I've been to in this house!
The tea set came with silverware for every place setting. We had cookies with our tea, but they weren't soft enough to cut with the knives. Hmmm. We have to do something with our knives. Sword Fight!


Jo Miller said...

What a super tea set. Just right for a little tea party. Love the silverware, but the best part is the matching candleholders with candles. Who wouldn't want a candlelit tea party!
Cheers to you lovely girlies.
love you,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

I like your tea set. I love it. I especially love the flower.
--Jack and Caroline