Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lantern Walk

Thursday evening we had a lantern walk at Anna's school. It was a beautiful time of celebrating the changing of the season. The lanterns are symbolic of each child carrying their inner light out into the world and bringing love and compassion to those around them. We all gathered in the evening at her school, after dark with a full moon shining. After gathering in the cafeteria, hearing a story and practicing the lantern songs, we all headed silently out into the dark with lit lanterns for a walk around the property.Josie and Ruthie had made lanterns with me at home so they could participate as well.
Their lanterns, glowing in the dark:
I wish you could have had the perspective we had of hundreds of lanterns glowing in the dark moving silently along, stars and a full moon overhead... It was incredible. At the end of the walk we all gathered in the field and sang some songs that the kids had learned (and had attempted to teach their parents).
Beautiful evening, beautiful lanterns, beautiful children.


akamilby said...

Ahh, so sweet. What an amazing school you have!

Jo Miller said...

that sounds so peaceful. Josie Joy you look so tired. We don't get to see the moon and stars very often and I certainly can't go out at night. This just sounds beautiful. Maybe next year you will take me on a lantern walk.
love you,
Grandma Jo