Monday, November 7, 2011

Rock Park

We had a beautiful day here, although chilly, so we headed to the 'Rock Park' this afternoon for some fun. This neighborhood park, hidden in Boulder, has an amazing work of masonry, a many leveled cave structure of tunnels for kids to explore inside and out. We love it.
Ruthie climbing:

Heading into the unknown! Where she comes out, nobody knows!
Anna in her hiding spot:Josie, about to disappear into a dark tunnel:
Three girls peaking down at Mommy inside the tunnel. This structure was definitely made for kids, not adults. I barely fit through some of the openings and had to wiggle snake like along some of the tunnels. The girls could just crawl along.
Queen of the mountain!
Despite the chilly temperatures (my hands were numb from the cold by the time we went home), Anna wanted to be barefoot most of the time we were here.
Snack time! These girls only stop for food. Anna perched on her lookout eating a granola bar:
The larger perspective:

This playground also has a good old fashioned merry go round, of the kind that you don't find at newer playgrounds because I'm sure they've been deemed unsafe. The girls couldn't stop laughing the whole time they were playing on it:)

Check out some of our videos from the park!


Jo Miller said...

What fun you are all having. I would want to crawl after you all, but those tunnels look pretty small. Yes, I watched all of the videos. Katie, our park here used to have a merry go round and it was such fun. Did anybody get dizzy?? Glad you are enjoying your days. Josie, I think that you now have the same haircut that I have. Are we twins??
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Jack and Caroline say: I like what you found. That's really cool. I love the merry-go-round. Pretty cool tunnels too.