Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Are You Making?

Oh so many things! As Anna told me today: "My favorite things to make are crafts and food!"
Yup, that just about covers it. Anything you can make would fall into one of those categories, right?
Meatballs:The meatball production -first you have to make the mud, in this dry climate. Use a spoon to mix the water and the dirt, collect it in a cup, form the balls, powder them with something white and fancy like crumbled cement, let them dry out of a younger sister's reach:
Sage spoons and acorn top bowls, for a feast in the playhouse:
Brownies, by Anna:

Little acorn people (yes, we collected all the acorns last Fall and made an acorn bag out of them-as opposed to a bean bag- but today the girls requested that the bag be cut open so the real treasure inside could be put to good use):

A surprise for Daddy, energy bars for his bike rides, freezing on plates before being dumped into bags:Anna made them with peanut butter, honey, different chopped nuts and dried, chopped fruit, oats, chocolate chips, and the secret ingredient- ground coffee beans.

Also being made: Squirrel food:

They liked it.
It doesn't count as feeding wild animals if you're just giving them back their food source that you stole for them last Fall, right? Anna wanted to know what the inside of acorns looks like, so she found some rocks and spent a while pounding them open. When she realized that the meat of the acorn is inside, the squirrel's favorite food, she left it out for them. It was amazing how fast they found it. Within half and hour it was all gone, even while we continued to play within 5 feet of the food offering.
Yes, most of these are things Anna made today, as opposed to Josie or Ruthie, although Ruthie helped on some of it. Josie has been sick. We made her a throne to recline on in the kitchen today where she was able to feel like she was an intimate part of all the activity while still getting the rest that her body needs. She seems to be feeling much better this afternoon, and I'm betting she'll be as good as new by tomorrow morning.


Jo Miller said...

hip, hip, hooray, for blog posts. So happy to see you all, even happier than that squirrel. Mitch will be ready for those long bike rides with all those wonderful energy bars. Enjoy.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

Ray and Kim said...

We miss you Clements! It's funny, our boys are more into "doing work" than creating something like crafts and food. They could learn something from your girls. And we've plenty of mud to put to use around here. Just today, the boys were moving mud from one mound to another. A very important task indeed!

akamilby said...

So fun to play outdoors! We need to wait for three feet of snow to melt before we'll be playing in the mud. But that is Caroline's favorite thing to do in the backyare--it must run in the family!