Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fancy Hair

Three different girls. Three unique personalities. Three definitions of fancy.

Reading "Little House in the Big Woods" to the girls again inspired Anna to ask for rag curlers in her hair.
The ultimate in fancy hair, to the eldest Clement daughter.
Josie, on the other hand, insisted on pigtails with bows in them. That, she informed us, is truly the fanciest hair.
Ruthie wanted "One bow, Mama!"I love that each definition of fancy matched the personality of the one requesting the hair style. The only problem was that people commented all day on Anna's fancy hair, and almost no one noticed how fancy Josie's was. She was a little sad. When does cultural reinforcement begin to corrupt natural personality and desire? Hold true, sweet Josie!
We love the uniqueness of each one of you, different from anyone else in the world.


Jo Miller said...

FANCY, FANCY, FANCY, WHAT FANCY granddaughters I have. I like that you are all different. Josie Joy I have a picture of me with my hair just like yours only I didn't have those lovely ribbons. Such a sweet picture. Fancy sisters enjoying being fancy.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

Nana said...

So sweet! I've missed your posts!!

Sarah said...

Love you guys! Such beautiful kiddos and parents too...So glad I can keep track of you even more now! XO

Michelle said...

i am so sorry that Jo did not get very many comments on her hair. I think they look beautiful.

akamilby said...

Caroline says she likes your hair, all of you. I (Aunt Holly) think that you three are the fanciest girls I have ever seen. Katie, you're bringing back childhood memories of Mom doing our hair in rag curlers. So fun!