Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dress-up Tuesday

Cool Jo:

I don't know what you'd call this costume, but Anna sure was having fun!

Cool dog:

Even Ruthie wanted to join the dress-up fun and put a hat on her head:

Costume change! Snow Anna White:

Snow White talking to her Daddy on the phone this afternoon:

Jo-Jo with her flower in her hair (she really wanted to show that to you, Nona and Grandpa!) on the other phone talking to Daddy:

And last but not least, this is how the littlest munchkin, Snow White and the Cool Cat helped Mommy do dishes this evening:
Just a few pictures to give you a taste of how these girls spend their indoor winter afternoons.


Renee said...

they are precious! I want three girls. I currently have 1 (:

akamilby said...

Too cute! I love their dress-up. I'm always impressed with the things you find for your girls to do on cold indoor days. You're so creative, and they are so lucky to experience a mom like you. Ruthie washing dishes and standing on the very top of the chair is darling too! She's a good helper!

akamilby said...

Jack says: I like all your pictures that you do. I liked every one.

Jo Miller said...

no day is boring in the Clement household. Girls, you all look so cute, I can't wait to comeplay.
love you.
Grandma Jo

Hashim Alhamad said...

This is getting just a bit to repetitive, but I can't say anything but: all photos are great! My favorites though are the cool Joe, Anna in a Harry Potter movie (pic2) and the totally confused Ruthie :)