Friday, January 22, 2010

Baked Playdough Creations

Our neighbors invited us over for a playdate yesterday and the mom, Mariah, made a playdough that you can make creations out of and then bake it and paint it. We used rolling pins, cookie cutters, butter knives and toothpicks to shape and form the dough. Lots of fun for creative kiddos!

Anna, rolling out dough:
The recipe? Super easy.
5 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt, add enough water to make it a good playdough consistency!
Bake your creations at 300 degrees for ~1 hr, depending on how thick they are.
Then have fun painting!

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Jo Miller said...

That looks like lots of fun. How come I totally missed this post? Was it hiding somewhere. Yeah for playdates.
love you,