Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do You See Any Kids in This Picture?

That's because they weren't here tonight!
Yes, folks, Mitch and I had a bonafide date tonight, complete with candlelight dinner.
It is a crazy semester (in case you were wondering) with Mitch taking 6 classes, but he was able to set aside his schoolwork for a little while tonight. The neighbors invited all 3 girls over for a birthday party without mom and dad, and even Ruthie did great!
Thank you Mariah and Pete.
It was good to sit down to a meal just the two of us, in our own home; good to have uninterrupted conversation and focus on each other for a little while. Fun to get out my place mats and matching dishes and light all the candles with no fear that anyone might burn themselves or the house down.


akamilby said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! for time spent together, and for a break from the kids. I'm so glad you two got to have dinner alone. You deserve it!

Chad Clement said...

Good for you!

April said...

Awesome!! Good for you guys, and I love that you documented it to boot! :)

Hashim Alhamad said...