Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A High of 13?

That's not a high. 13 degrees is pretty darn low in my book, and that was the high today, if it even got that high. Right now the thermometer is reading 1 degree, and it feels about like that inside. What do you do with three active little girls when the high is 13 degrees? Yesterday we went sledding. The only people on the hill. Was that because it was a weekday and everyone else was at school or work, or because it was so darn cold out? I don't know, but we had fun. Didn't take the camera, but you can picture us: Pushing off from the top of the hill, Anna first on the sled, on her tummy, legs in the air, going down the hill head first. Behind her on the sled was Mommy holding little Ruthie, whose grin got bigger the faster we went. In her own separate little blue sled attached to the back of the big one was Eskimo Josie. Their favorite part? Later they told Daddy "We even went over the jump, Dad! I was going head first, so fast!"

Yeah, I think we're crazy. But Anna had been begging me to go sledding at Scott Carpenter Park for a while now, and we'd been housebound for too long with this crazy cold weather. My favorite part? (Besides the fact that we got outside for a while and watching the girls laughing down the hill) Mocha afterwards. I love how special occasions have their own special food that go with them. Hot cocoa and a mocha for Mom that we made when we got home after a cold morning sledding. There's so much comfort in food.


Chad Clement said...

I love that Plaza Lights coffee mug!!! Sounds like you had a fun day. Lots of great memories there. Glad to hear you and the girls were able to laugh and play.

Jo Miller said...

So glad you have real snowsuits. That is just no fun when your clothes are all wet. Somehow I think that your girls have your sense of adventure. Did you yodel on the way down??
love you,

Hashim Alhamad said...

32 degrees never felt warmer!

April said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for the girls! I love the pic of your yummy warm drinks, ahhhhh.