Tuesday, December 15, 2009


by Mitch
All of the semesters since I have been back in school have been tough, but this one topped them all. Now it is finished! That is definitely reason to celebrate in our household. There were times when we were not quite sure how we would make it to the end of this semester, but now we have made it. I'm not sure who is more relieved, me or Katie.

Katie likes to post pictures of different projects she is working on from time to time, so I have to post my own version of my projects. This is basically what the largest portion of the semester distilled down to, construction drawings for our Senior Design Project:

Okay, I know Katie's projects are probably of a lot more interest to most people who read this blog regularly except for Hashim, but this project has consumed so much of the last three months that it seemed like it had to make its way into the blog somehow. And yes, the design project entailed a lot more than just those two drawings, but I figured I might be pushing it a bit already. (Sorry, Hashim, the structural drawings didn't make it in. I am a hydraulics guy afterall.)
The last final was over at 10:30 last night. So now how to celebrate?

First, just relaxing.

This picture is actually from last Tuesday. Hashim is reading to Ruthie while we were relaxing after our final Senior Design presentation.

Then today I got to spend the entire morning with Anna, Josie and Ruthie just playing and going for a walk/bike ride (Anna on the bike). Katie actually had a chance to work on some of her projects and have some time alone.

Later during nap time it was a chance to get out on the road again and get a nice thirty miles in.

Tonight it will be a chance to get together with some fellow students to celebrate the end of the semester together over dinner.
The part of celebrating that Katie and I are looking forward to the most, though, is just having some evenings together for a few weeks where I don't have to do schoolwork, and we can just sit and talk.


Hashim Alhamad said...

WE ARE DONE! I am not sure how I feel about seeing anything from our senior design projects, but I do know that these two drawings are pretty impressive. Let's to biking together some time soon Mitch!

Chad Clement said...

Very happy for you, Mitch. You too Hashim! Looking at your drawings makes my 15 years in banking seem so insignificant. It just proves we all have our place in this world. Some of us simply didn't receive same brain cells as others. I'm missing a few. Have a WONDERFUL holiday and well-deserved time off.

katie said...

Hey, no put downs on this blog, Chad, even towards yourself! We all have our place in this world and our own gifts to offer. Where would this world be if we were ALL civil engineers? You have a wonderful Christmas, too.

April said...

Wow, congratulations Mitch! Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is coming into sight for you!