Friday, November 5, 2010


It makes me so happy to look around these days and see the incredible colors on all the trees. Well, not all. Some of them have already lost all their leaves. But some of my favorite trees are at the height of their glory right now, this Oak tree included, with my favorite three little girls walking underneath it.Silly girls.

Spunky girls.

'So cute you want to eat them up' girls.

Grinning in the leaf pile.

Buried in the leaf pile.

Rolling in the leaf pile.

Throwing the leaf pile.

Jumping in the leaf pile.

Even Mama buried her bare feet in the crunchy leaves.
Making gravel and leaf angels-as opposed to snow angels in the winter.

Can you see it?

The play never stops. It just changes.
Anna swinging standing up, a video per her request:

These girls play together. All. The. Time.

Can you believe, with all the Fall colors and frost we've had, that this is still what it looks like in our herb garden on the south side of our house? It is November, after all.
Enjoy every moment of this glorious Fall right now.


Hashim Alhamad said...

Very pretty photos. I miss the colorful fall in Boulder. Is it snow/cold/ugly yet though? It is still fairly warm and a bit rainy in here :)

akamilby said...

You have three beautiful girls, and they are certainly appreciating the season. Happy Fall!