Friday, November 5, 2010


This year we actually let the girls dress up for Halloween, went to a party at a friend's house and went trick-or-treating! I know, I know, that sounds funny, we let the girls dress up. When do we not let the girls dress up? They dress up everyday, a couple of different times! But we're not so into Halloween. We've always avoided it. But this year the girls had been asked at least once a day by everybody they know for probably the last 3 months what they were going to be for Halloween, so they came up with an answer. Mitch and I are not so into the true meaning of Halloween, nor are we into the girls consuming unlimited amounts of candy, so we've always just tried to make it a special day in other ways and had fun connecting as a family. But this year we did it all! We had a fun time.
Ruthie was the cutest giraffe I have ever seen (stated by a totally unprejudiced mama).

Then we had a Sugar Plum Fairy (who had wings on some of the time), and Snow White.
Here they are watching a dry ice bubble form. Pretty fascinating. Drop some dry ice in a bucket of water, get a wet, long strip of rag really soapy, run it around the edge of the bucket and then, holding it stretched out tight in your hands, run it over the top of the bucket from from one end across to the other, leaving a soap sheet behind covering the opening. Then watch! The active dry ice in the bucket releases air bubbles that push up your soap bubble and a huge soap bubble is formed! Watch closely because pretty soon (especially if you're watching so closely you're breathing on it)...

Even though Anna was expecting it, she jumped every time:)

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